Herbert Family Guy Wikipedia

09 Sep, 2018

Na Stewart Gilligan Griffin Nickna(s) Stewie Stu Peter Griffin (father); Lois Griffin (mother); g Griffin (sister); Chris Griffin (brother) Natiality Arican Stewart Gilligan "Stewie" Griffin is a fictial character from the animated televisi series and is e of the few characters y aware of Herbert's nature even ing  Na John "Herbert" Silverbird Gender Male Occupati U.S Ar Air force pilot in World War II Natiality Arican John "Herbert" Silverbird is a fictial character in the animated televisi series He ed him "a black hole of shittiness whose every appearance brings out the worst tendencies of  Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is an Arican actor animator writer producer director and singer working primarily in animati and cody as well as live- acti and other genres MacFarlane is the creator of the TV series ( 1999–2003 MacFarlane developed a spin-off ed The Cleveland Show,  Peter Griffin is the main character of the Arican animated sitcom He is voiced by At Brian's funeral in "Life of Brian" Peter said that Brian was his "best friend in the whole world" and "like a brother to him" (2012); : The Quest for Stuff (2014); : Another Freakin' Mobile Ga (2017 ).